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Young 11 year-old Volunteer

What did I experience in Zumba Class?

If it wasn't for my Grandma Lois, I would not be dancing at this wonderful place.

The person who taught me how to dance was the wonderful Zumba instructor.

experienced that Zumba is a fun dance class. When I was smaller, I took Zumba at my school. It was fun but not as challenging. Another thing I experienced is that you have to push yourself and never give up. What I liked about Zumba here is that everyone is so nice and friendly. And that is very good for everyone. There is nothing I did not like about Zumba, everything was perfect.

It is open every Tuesday and Thursday. The first time I came was in JUly with Tracy and my grandma. I do not remember the exact date but I do remember it was a Tuesday in July. I discovered everything when it was my fourth class. I felt relaxed, comfortable and always excited to come. This all takes place in the city community center, in a big building with lots of nice and respectful people.

I feel this way about Zumba because I feel this is the place where you can go to have fun, exercise, chill with your friends and dance all you want. ..But following the instructor of course! This is all I learned from Zumba and I had an amazing time.

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