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The second event in NinnaVita history took place on a rainy Saturday afternoon, but nobody in the hall seemed to care, or even remember the weather outside.

Standing in a large circle, us, the twenty people present, were sharing stories of one another when they showed up: our liberal MP Frank Baylis, and his wife [ name ]. They were very subtle at first, but they got everyone’s attention when Vita greeted them out loud.

This second meet was quite enjoyable: we were an unexpectedly large number, since Vita invited a great many members from her family on vacation from Italy. It was great, the feeling of being in a room where almost thirty polite and warm individuals, all from diverse cultural backgrounds, ages and work experiences, gleefully interact.

The second session was similar to the first: an ice breaker, followed by laughter yoga, square dancing, and zumba. If I were asked to comment on this event, I’d say that it was impressive how so early in this organization’s history was there such a diverse mosaic of people, underscoring the goal of bridging the gap.

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