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Every drop is a treasure.

Chaque goutte est un trésor.

Prior to becoming a Board member and advisor of Ninnavita I have been engaged in volunteer work for Simonet Food Bank for over a year.


Simonet with support from Moisson, Montreal, runs a weekly food bank every Friday at 1775 Edward Laurin, Saint Laurent, that serves people in and around Ville Saint Laurent.  There are currently 350 registered with an average of 120 families served every week.  Simonet staff and 20 volunteers are instrumental in running this weekly activity.


During the summer months Simonet has been experiencing a steady decline in manpower, in particular volunteers to receive the goods from Moisson and assist in loading the truck.  As a member of Ninnavita I immediately set out on a mission to recruit some able young men who would volunteer to take on this task. 


Suffice it to say that I take great pride in announcing that Michael and Carlito have undertaken this volunteer service and thus far have made the all needed positive contribution in assisting others.  Laurence has also promised to volunteer in the future with two other friends as long as his schedule permits.

I have had nothing but positive feedback on Michael and Carlito’s performance and would like to take this opportunity to thank you guys for a job well done.


What a perfect example of Ninnavita working for us.


Ninnavita Works--At the Food Bank

Submitted by Lystra Charles/Advisor

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