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Preliminary Findings of the Impacts of Technology on Modern Life

Individuals are working on tech. Wait, are they getting worked by it?

After 16 participants and hundreds of individual numbers, some patterns began to emerge on the effects of technology and electronic devices on the daily lives of people.

The results of the aforementioned survey was not possible without the generous time and help that the responders offered. It is with humble gratitude that their help is acknowledged in the making of the findings.

Despite the survey population solely consisting of students at various levels, the results can be compared to individuals of any age, for the minds of these responders have similarities with those not included in the study. Thus, given the similarities, the findings could be of some relevance.

There are a few conclusions that we can draw*:

Increased usage of electrical devices can impact sleep. Until a certain threshold, sleep and tech usage seem irrelevant, but are intertwined after a certain extent.

Tech usage has a minor influence on academic performance, but the uneven distribution of responders might bias this point.

Users who are exposed to less than 3 hours of tech per day seem to be satisfied with their social lives, though there are exceptions.

Individuals who are exposed to less than 3 hours of tech per day tend to consider more importance on finding meaning in life than those who exceed this duration.

For a large proportion of the responders, those who were exposed to more tech seemed to put more importance on values than on wealth.

Younger students spend less time on their phone than their older peers.

There are still many characteristics of the responders who were untouched in this brief analysis that might better explain these numbers. In the following posts to come, the underlying causes of these figures will be explored and a greater number of responders’ answers will be included to ensure an accurate depiction of the impacts of tech.

* However, one must note that a very little number of responders were surveyed, and that some information may be or is incomplete.

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