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New Hope

I parked my bike to the bike stand. It felt pretty routine now. I’ve been coming here all summer. And yet, a bit of nostalgia filled me as I stalked into the community centre. It was my last summer meeting at NinnaVita, filled with unforgettable memories created by the warm people I knew.

We started off by conversing about biking. I went on telling them about marathon-plus distance rides, joined by Louise who shared a memory of she and her friends biking from one end of the island to another many years ago! A totally great experience of hers, and something few would know.

The vivid imagery of speeding through urban landscape on two wheels was swiftly replaced by another one of miraculous nature: Avolena didn’t have good news. She had great news. After a several months of apprehension of cancer, her doctor finally confirmed that she was 100% cancer free. A great blessing, yet something that is almost certainly linked to people and the way they enjoy life! Another member mentioned that these miraculous things happen: once, a pastor from her community was living with liver tumour, and was soon to be operated on. The night before his surgery, she and members from her parish hosted a prayer group, each taking turns through the night praying. The following morning, the concerned pastor went to the hospital hoping for the best. The doctors did the same. But then, a while after the doctors commenced the surgical operation, they realized that the tumours were gone! A coincidence, a skeptical reader might wonder? Well, perhaps, but the act of kindness and hope persists.

The common otherworldy ice breaker talk was followed by an even more intense session of laughter yoga, where we focused this time on a collection of hilariously diverse exercises concentrated on working the abdominal muscles to make us laugh, which it did.

Followed was square dancing, joined by our fellow member Kosimo, always present with friendly and helpful advice, and also a new member Pierre*. It was purely enjoyable.

It felt really good in the end.

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