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How many times have you clicked (or tapped) a virtual button on your computer or your phone today? Last week? Last month? Last year?

Too much to count, likely. However, the folks living a few generations back surely didn’t click as many times as we do today (if they did at all!). The values of their world are necessarily different than today’s, as more and more time is being spent in virtual space surfing the web or talking with friends (and strangers) on social media hotspots.

In brief, the computer is transforming many aspects of our lives, whether it be socializing with friends or depositing money in our savings account. And there is no visible end in sight to what the computer could change in the future. Yet, to clearly understand what might happen, we should first have an idea of what is happening to our multi-generational society, heads bent over their flashy screens.

Given the context, I’ve decided to start a project. I’ll interview people I encounter, be it friends going to their hockey practice or strangers waiting for the next bus, about their lives that are incessantly shaped by their electronic devices. With all the responses I get, I’ll try to paint a vivid image that represents our society, and what it could mean to us in the future.

This week, I’ll ask people the following questions:

  • How many times do you click or tap on your electronic device every day?

  • Is it too much?

With hope and a bit of luck, I’ll be on the lookout for answers. Be sure to check out the end result with next week’s article, as I’ll continue to probe deeper into the impacts of PCs in our ever growing world.

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