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Resiliency and Reintegration

The familiar NinnaVita routine was kicking in by this time: ice breaker, laughter yoga, square dance, and zumba. Yet, there were always new stories that were being constantly uncovered.

The ice breaker consisted of introducing ourselves and summing up our volunteering experience. It is incredible how we learn more about one another, even after two solid meetings beforehand. That afternoon, many were willing to share personal experiences of personal accidents or failures, and how they were able to bounce back, and continue living life.

Following that, square dancing was taken on a higher level. Instead of 2 circles of 8, we formed one huge circle, and everybody would dance, with western music. We even integrated a newcomer, Sophia, who happened to be passing by, but ended up enjoying the experience!

Zumba followed, and it was seemingly obvious that everybody improved their dance skills.

In short, another fabulous meeting for Ninnavita!


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