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A High-spirited Welcome

I was greeted by an ardent welcome as I worked my way into a rather large room. In a circle were seated six, all from various cultures and ages. Immediately after I plopped myself into an empty chair, Renée, the person right next to me, lightheartedly greeted me and mentioned something about an interview. Vita, noticing my perplexed look, explained to me their current activity: find someone wearing the same colours as you are, and interview them.

This is the concept of Ninnavita: welcoming people from all over, and discovering their unique journeys that brought them there. It is with this courteous mentality that permitted a wondrous first meet for this new organization.

The rest of the afternoon was enjoyable from every point of view. First, the meet composed of every person seated in a circle introducing their subject to the entire group, therefore uncovering great stories from each person. Who knew he, or she, was a dentistry school student? Who knew my long time friend was a committed volunteer for such a long time?

As other people started flooding in, we started a session of laughter yoga, followed by an intuitive square dancing session, then an energetic and rather calorie-burning zumba dance routine.

All in all, it was great, enjoyable, and gave us all a longing to return to the next session.

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