• Laurence Liang

Phones Throughout the Ages

Following up on the technology impact project, I asked fellow peers from different grades about their phone usage. I was expecting most responders to be like me, which meant a good hour or so daily and systematically believing that they should cut their usage.

As a picture is worth a thousand words, the following graph is a summary of the results.

The reader may as well draw their own conclusions.What is evident nonetheless is that older peers seem to be more careful about their phone usage. Whether this is due to more schoolwork, or merely because of a lesser exposure to tech during childhood remains unclear from this point. The data collected is too few to make any concrete conclusions.

Questions on the causes behind phone usage and their impact on social life as well as on one’s education are worth investigating. However, one should expect that those who achieve higher standards of academic success and live better social lives would likely restrain their time looking at incandescent screens. The truth, whatever it might be, will be attempted to be uncovered in the weeks to come.


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